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Swedish Lake District

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Gamla Edsvägen 4 S-668 30 ED

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Swedish Lake District

where you can enjoy our beautiful nature and calm surroundings.

CANODAL is a full service canoe center where you can rent all canoeing equipment needed for a nice canoe trip.

We also teach you basic paddle technique and how you should behave when you are out on a canoe trip in Swedish Lake District.

Travel to Swedish Lake District :

Flights from UK to Gothenburg  2 h

Train Gothenburg – Ed   1,5 h

CANODAL is right by the lake Stora Le.

It only takes 5 minutes to walk here from the railway station.

A 280-kilometre waterway begins here,passing trough 31 locks all the way to the Sea.

North of Ed, you are first met by the wild waters of Stora Le.Possibilities undreamed of then await in the vast

Swedish Lake District. Canoeist using a canoe trolly and who are not afraid of land transport, can gradually make

their way back to Ed via the two lakes Iväg and Grann.

Ed lies on historic land on the isthmus between Stora and Lilla Le. People settled down here as far back as during the Iron Age.

Maybe they, like today´s visitors, were fascinated by the view. Today, Ed is an important centre for canoeists and many other

visitors to Swedish Lake District. If you are looking for solitude, wilderness and a challenge, Stora Le is the obvious choice.

North of Ed, you are first met by the wild waters of Stora Le. the big, long lake is lined with steep pine-clad hillsides and the occasional

houses are easily counted. There is no annoying crowding ! Stora Le is a 138-metre deep so-called rift-valley lake, a common lake type of

Swedish Lake District. It was created more than 10,000  years ago when cracks and weakness zones in the bedrock were scooped out by the colossal inland ice.

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