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Eds MC- and Motormuseum for veteran motorbikes

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Nostalgic trip among veteran motorbikes, radios, marine engines, chain saws, sewing machines, toys, model airplanes and more.

With 160 motorcycles manufactured in Europe and the United States from the early 1900s to the Japan-era’s peed monster of the century’s second half, we are known to have the largest collections in Sweden.

Radio history began in 1925. The call “Stockholm Motala” was heard on the air and a great number of radio factories manufactured receivers with their own special appearances and characteristics. Among the museums’s 300 radios are luxury models that have been owned by royalty, statesmen and peasants. Gold King Radio, Br. Edgren’s Jukebox manufactured in Säffle. ”Rock-Ola Jukebox” from 1959 and  ”the Hitler radio”, the world’s most manufactured radio by more than 3 million pieces, are some specimens in the collections.

75 chainsaws show example of the development in Dalsland’s most important industry. The work with saw and ax were replaced in the 50’s with almost as demanding work with the heavy chainsaws, which then “evolved” into the light machinery of today.

50 boat engines, most of them “baksmällor” (outboard motors) but also tiny inboard ones, would be able to tell us about quiet evening moments and dramatic events at Dalslands lakes – if they could talk…

A dozen or so sewing machines, decorated as jewelry takes us to another world than the woodland and the lakes, and q wide range of glass protected toys give our children a glimpse of how it was to be a child in the 50’s.

And above it all flies the ww1’s double decker and fighters from ww2.